Greeley County, KansasWelcome

Welcome to Greeley County, a western Kansas community looking to the future with technology and healthcare access while holding fast to the community spirit and family values that typify rural life. Greeley County is home to Tribune, Kansas, and Horace, Kansas, two rural towns located within two miles of each other along Kansas Highway 96.

In Greeley County, we pride ourselves on quality, top-rated healthcare; an open and helpful government; innovative education; and a well-rounded, active business community designed to serve your needs.

We know little of traffic, congestion, and the hassles of city life. We know our neighbors and are active in the community. We relish open skies, vibrant sunsets, peace of mind, and an unrivaled quality of living.  Take a few minutes and find out what Greeley County has to offer. You will be glad you did.

Greeley County, Kansas

Unified Greeley County

As of January 1, 2009, the governments of Greeley County and the City of Tribune unified to form the Unified Government of Greeley County. Five newly-elected supervisors worked diligently during an eight month transition period, ensuring county and city business would continue to run smoothly after the union.

Greeley County has long been ahead of the curve in organizational efficiency. It was the first Kansas county to consolidate its schools as well as its road department. It also boasts unified fire and police departments.

The City of Horace maintains a separate city council to manage its affairs.

Greeley County, KansasCommunity Development

This site is maintained by Greeley County Community Development, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to ensuring stability and growth for Greeley County.

By serving as a clearinghouse of information for prospective residents and entrepreneurs, GCCD works to provide a welcoming and helpful public face for the area. In addition to providing assistance in all aspects of community activity, we encourage new business development and support existing ventures.  We assist local and prospective business owners in finding start-up and expansion resources, and also offer a wide assortment of information for prospective residents, ranging from housing options and utility contacts to health care opportunities and community and educational programs and events.

Greeley County is a Public Square Community.  By using community conversations and citizen-lead action teams, community members take the initiative to be directly engaged in the policy and practices that shape Unified Greeley County. These teams focus on a wide range of concern, from downtown revitalization to legislative policy, and are devoted to researching and affecting change in various aspects of Greeley County life. To learn more about the Public Square Communities model, please click here.