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The Unified Greeley County Treasurer’s Office is an agent for the State of Kansas for registering and titling motor vehicles.  We issue license plates upon receipt of proper documentation and submission of the correct fees. The fees include registration fees, personal property taxes, title fees, and sales tax, if applicable. Each year the State sends out courtesy reminders six weeks prior to the expiration date of the license plate. It is a state law that every vehicle has proper insurance coverage before the vehicle can be registered. We handle the initial titling of vehicles in Unified Greeley County, as well as the annual renewals. Once a vehicle is purchased, the new owner has 30 days in which to bring their documentation into our office to be processed. If the purchase is an out-of-state title, the owner of the vehicle needs to have a vehicle identification inspection completed. This is done at the Unified Greeley County Sheriff’s Department for a charge of $20.00 in cash only. Inspections should be done by appointment. The license plates in Kansas expire based on the first letter in the last name of the first person on the title.

Last name begins with

Tag expires at midnight on:


February 28 (or 29)


March 31


April 30


May 31


June 30


July 31


August 31


September 30


October 31


November 30


December 31

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