AroundTown_0494Mark Rine, Sheriff
208 Harper
P.O. Box 690
Tribune, KS 67879
Phone: (620) 376-4233
Fax: (620) 376-2418

Message from the Sheriff

“As Sheriff of Unified Greeley County,  I was elected to serve and protect the citizens of this county, and to carry out the constitutional duties of this office in a professional and trustworthy fashion. Should you have any suggestions, comments, need help, or report a crime, please contact us.” Mark N. Rine, Greeley County Sheriff

Function of Department

The Unified Greeley County Sheriff’s Office has the primary function of serving and protecting the citizens of Greeley County throughout the county’s 783 square miles, which encompasses the towns of Tribune and Horace. In addition to the sheriff, the Sheriff’s Office is comprised of two (2) full-time deputies, two  (2)  part- time deputies and eight (8) dispatchers. Our objective is to be proactive, not reactive when serving the citizens of Greeley County.

Mission Statement

Together we can and will make a difference. Rising above and beyond accomplishing the impossible. Protect, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, Enthusiasm.


Application for Dispatcher: Sheriff’s Office Employment Application-Dispatch