Clerk’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I register to vote?

A. The County Clerk’s office or at the Driver’s License Examiner’s office when you renew your license. Sometimes political organizations set up booths at local businesses close to election time at which you can register, also.


Q. Where can I buy a hunting or fishing license?

A. The County Clerk’s office, various vendors, & Wild Life & Parks offices


Q. What information do I need to file my Homestead Return and my Food Sales Tax Return?

A. Total household income, including Social Security, and a copy of tax statement


Q. When can  I  expect my Homestead and Food Sales Tax refund?

A. It usually takes about six weeks.


Q. How do I  find out who owns a certain piece of property?

A . Bring the legal description or address to the Clerk’s office.


Q. Do  we have county zoning?

A. No


Q. Who takes care of the little cemeteries?

A. Call the Register of Deeds Office at (620) 376-4275 for this answer.


Q. What is the population of Unified Greeley County?

A. 1,247


Q. What is the population of Tribune?
A. 741


Q. What is the population of Horace?

A. 70


Q. How can I use my Homestead Refund to help pay up to half of my property tax?

A. If you received a homestead refund last year, you will automatically receive a Refund Advancement Letter and Form ELG from the Kansas Department of Revenue. Take the department’s letter and last year’s property tax statement to your County Clerk’s office by December 20  of that year. A homestead claim must still be  filed after January 1 of the next year.


Q. How much is the Food Sales Tax Refund?

A. If your income (KAGI) is:                                               Your refund is:

$0 – $12,5000                                                                        $60 per exemption

$12,501- $25,000                                                                  $30 per exemption


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