Greeley County’s only school district, USD 200, is well known for its low (10:1) student teacher ratio, high academic achievement, and education that meets the needs of today’s young learners.

Tribune, Kansas


Greeley County’s kindergarten through 5th grade students thrive in an atmosphere designed to stimulate their growth and development.  From field trips to in-class experiments and projects, they are quickly introduced to the skills they will need to help them become productive, successful young adults. Learning is enhanced through the elementary staff’s emphasis on phonetic principles as a foundation for reading for each student.

Each elementary class has access to laptops and smart board educational tools, demonstrating the district’s commitment to the use of technology for the 21st century.

Junior & Senior Tribune, KansasHigh School

Greeley County Junior & Senior High School strives to offer a complete, well-rounded education for students of all interests and abilities. Ninety percent of all graduating seniors advance onto some form of higher education. Greeley County truly believes in the potential of every student and fosters an environment of hands-on learning that promotes positive educational opportunities.

Students are issued their own laptop computers and are given various assignments which ensure that they are familiar with a variety of programs, including video and PowerPoint presentations and database/network information systems.

The Greeley County Jackrabbits compete in an array of extracurricular activities, ranging from sports to Scholars Bowl, Trap Club, drama, and music.  Sports offered include cross country, volleyball, girls’ tennis, football, cheerleading, basketball, track, golf, and wrestling.  GCHS students are successful both on and off the court, claiming a number of state titles in both athletic and academic pursuits.