Duties of the Board of Supervisors

The Unified Greeley County Board of Supervisors are vested by Kansas State Statute 19-212 with both legislative and administrative powers and duties. These powers and duties include the following:

  1. Supervision of Municipal Services District and General Services District property
  2. Organization of township following statutory procedures
  3. Control of the financial affairs of Unified Greeley County
  4. Approval of the annual budget
  5. Levying of Unified Greeley County taxes
  6. Designation of depositories for the Unified Greeley County Treasurer
  7. Construction and maintenance of county roads and bridges
  8. Approval of land use and zoning policies for Unified Greeley County
  9. Issuance of bonds
  10. Awarding of contracts
  11. Incorporation of cities
  12. Creation of specia l districts
  13. Setting of salaries of all Unified Greeley County employees
  14. Providing a jail, courthouse, office space, and supplies for all Unified Greeley County employees and the district court
  15. Appointment of members of various boards and  commissions

The Board of Supervisors also serves as the County Board  of Canvassers for elections.

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