Uniform Commercial Code Fee Schedule

Kansas Register of Deeds Association Guidelines

  1. We will only accept the standardized UCC filing forms. (National UCC filing form) All others will be rejected.
  2. Documents presented for filing must be presented in the proper medium.
  3. Filing fees must accompany the documents. Payment must be made by check or cash. See fee schedule below.
  4. Document will be rejected if it cannot be properly indexed.
  5. We must have one complete debtor’s name and address and one complete secured party’s name and address. If multiple names and addresses are given, the UCC filing will be indexed only to the parties with complete or legible information.
  6. Failure to provide all information necessary to file the document. In the case of an assignment failure to provide a name or legible information.
  7. No searches will be done by telephone. We will only accept written requests using the new national form.
  8. Mechanics Liens and Tax Liens will still be filed at the county level using the old fee schedule.

Effective July  1,2001

Uniform Commercial Code  Fee Schedule


Description of Services


Original financing statement


Amended financing statement


Continuation statement


Financing statement indicating assignment


Separate statement of assignment


Statement of Release of all or a part of any collateral described in a filed financing statement


Termination Statement


Attachments per page (after first ten pages, which are included in initial fee)


Written information request: Per Debtor Name


Copy request: A copy of any filed financing statement or statement of assignment/per page

If you file electronically with the state, it is less expensive. Visit the Kansas Secretary of State website for their fees and guidelines. When filing at the county level you will need to submit the original and at least one copy if you wish to receive an acknowledgment copy with your file number. Unified Greeley County will also follow this procedure.


The following list includes some names, phone numbers, and links you may need.

Kansas Secretary of State, UCC Division: http://www.kssos.org/business/business_ucc.html

Text or Law: http://www.kssos.org/other/statute_index.html

Acceptable UCC forms you can download using  Adobe Acrobat:

National  UCC-1 Financing Statement Form: http://www.kssos.org/ucc/natucc1.odf

National UCC-1 Amendment From: http://www.kssos.org/ncc/natucc1amd.pdf

National Information Request Form:http://www.iaca.org/sts/UCC11.pdf

National Forms You Can Fill In Online and Print Out: http://www.ernst.cc/alert/NFSfllllnUCCForms.pdf

Kansas Secretary of State, UCC Division: (785) 296-3828

Kansas Bankers Association, Director of Legal Department: (785) 232-3444

Any document which was filed on or after January 1, 1989, which was a size print or smaller than 8-point type but which otherwise was properly filed shall be deemed to be validly filed.

Except as otherwise provided, all fees provided for in this section shall be paid by the register of deeds to the county treasurer and deposited into the general fund of the county.

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